ICP & EPA members are encouraged to submit an abstract for Poster Presentation. We encourage our colleagues to submit their best one (1) poster abstract. No more than two (2) total abstracts per author will be allowed (one poster and one oral). If you would like for your poster to be considered for the poster award competition, please be sure to indicate this by checking the box on the abstract submission form. A digital poster submission is required for the poster competition.

Poster Presentation Set Up:
Thursday, September 5, 2019
Location: Grote Zaal Room at the Beurs van Berlage

  • Posters may be set up at the PM Coffee Break 15:30-16:15
  • Please make sure to have your posters set up prior to the Poster Session and Exhibit Reception that takes place from 17:45-19:45 

Poster Presentation Breakdown:
Friday, September 6, 2019
Time: 12:30-14:30

  • Poster dimensions are 120cm high x 90cm wide (47.2 inches high x 35.4 inches wide)
  • Prepare your printed poster accordingly
  • Poster boards will be distributed at the conference site
  • The presenter is responsible for assembling your poster board and removing the poster.
  • The ICP is not responsible for posters and materials left after the session

Conference Topics: Science & Art in Advanced Prosthodontics, Esthetic Dentistry/Digital Technology, Multidisciplinary/Maxillofacial, Graduate Student Case Presentations, Implant Prosthodontics, Fixed & Removable/Occlusion/Temporomandibular Disorders, Advanced Biomaterials, Management/ Complications, Special Needs/Geriatrics, Biology in Prosthodontics

All poster abstracts relating to conference topics will be reviewed with the understanding that the abstract was submitted prior to the June 14, 2019 deadline. All abstracts must be submitted via the conference website (Call for Papers). All approved posters will be posted to conference website after June 19, 2019.

Mailed, emailed or faxed abstracts will not be accepted. Presenters are solely responsible for submission and of their abstracts and ensure they have subsequently receive an ICP confirmation of their submission.

Please keep your abstracts to 350 words or less. All selected oral abstracts will be published in our Conference Program Book. Authors of abstracts are encouraged to publish their research in a peer-reviewed prosthodontic journal.

Editing Your Abstract Paper:
If you wish to edit your abstract, please visit the Call for Papers page and click on Edit Submitted Abstract. Post your User Name and Password and edit your paper. All abstracts will be printed as published by the June 14, 2019 editing deadline.

Poster presenters are required to register, pay conference fees and will receive no compensation. All poster presenters must pay registration fees and confirm attendance prior to July 1, 2019. Failure to do so may result in your abstract being removed from the poster competition and Conference Program Book.

Presenters are required to complete the following Disclosure Statement. The disclosure statement will be included on the Call for Papers abstract submission process.

The International College of Prosthodontists (ICP) and European Prosthodontic Association (EPA) requests that all speakers shall disclose any affiliation with and financial interest in a company or a product related to the subject matter of the presentation as a part of the Speaker’s Agreement. The intent of this policy is not to prevent a speaker with an affiliation or financial interest from making a presentation but any potential conflict must be identified openly so that the attendees have the full disclosure of the facts and may form their own judgments about the presentation. Disclosure information will be shared with the attendees to gain perspective on the educational merits of the presentation.

Display boards will be set up for poster presentations.  Pushpins and tacks may be used.

Poster dimensions are 120cm high x 90cm wide (47.2 inches high x 35.4 inches wide). Prepare your poster accordingly. Poster boards will be distributed at the conference site.
Poster abstracts must be submitted by the primary author.
If you would like your poster to be considered for an award, please acknowledge submission for poster award competition by selecting the appropriate check-box on the submission abstract form.
If submitting for Poster Competition- Presenters are required to submit a digital version of your poster by June 15, 2017. Please see Digital Poster Guidelines below.
Posters must be set up ½ hour in advance of Poster Session. The presenter is responsible for printing, assembling  and removing the poster. The ICP is not responsible for posters and materials left after the session.
Mentors and coauthors may be present to assist in answering questions, but may not present in place of the author.
All Poster presentations will be posted in alphabetical order on our conference website. Presenters are required to review our conference website and responsible to confirm their presentation, title of abstract and listing of author.
*To be considered for poster awards the presenter must submit a digital poster*

Digital Poster Guidelines:

  • Please submit by June 14, 2019
  • The title should match exactly the title of the submitted abstract
  • It should be written in capital letters
  • Below the title and in smaller letters there should be the name(s) of the author(s), institution, department/laboratory, funding agencies, city (state) and country.
  • The presenter’s name should be identified with an asterisk (*) and accompanied by a photo posted on the upper right corner.
  • The body of the poster should be self-explanatory, preferably with minimal text and maximum illustrations (pictures, diagrams and tables)
  • It is not mandatory to insert abstract or the references.

The poster can be created in any software that save/export files as in JPG, JPEG or PNG file format. The tutorial is based on the PowerPoint.

  • Create a new file in PowerPoint.
  • Go to the File menu, Page Setup and configure a custom page size for PowerPoint 2000 (36 cm wide x 64 cm tall – vertical layout) or PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 (28.59 cm wide x 50.8 cm tall – vertical layout) The difference between the versions is given, for the PPT2000 saved at 72 dpi and PPT2003/2007/2010 at 96 dpi.
  • Create your poster on a single slide without animations, effects or transitions. Try to use large fonts, size 16 or higher for body text.
  • Save your file in PowerPoint, using Save As (on the File menu) as JPG, JPEG or PNG.
  • Right-click the file where it is saved and choose properties, then details and make sure that the file is with the following specifications: 1080×1920 pixels.
  • IMPORTANT- Save your file name as your last name_first name. Example: Smith_Larry.jpg
  • Send the file in JPG, JPEG or PNG file format to:
  • IMPORTANT- Your emailed Subject line should read: ICP Digital Poster for Poster Competition
  • After receipt of the digital poster, a confirmation email will be sent.

Awards will be presented to the most outstanding posters presented at the Biennial Meeting.

ELIGIBILITY: First (presenting) author of any Competition Poster presented at the meeting will be eligible for the prize. Competition Poster presenters must submit a “digital poster”. Read Digital Poster Guidelines above.

ADJUDICATION: A panel of judges who are experienced and senior academics will review the submissions and judge them on the following criteria:
1. Case presentation – the visual impact of the poster, the clarity and technical excellence of the clinical pictures and the appropriateness to prosthodontics. We ask that if pictures of patients are presented the appropriate consent has been provided.
2. For both clinical and other research the panel of judges will look at the visual impact of the poster, the clarity of the description of the research presented and the impact of the science.

In all cases the decision of the judges is final.

PRESENTATION: The awards will be presented during the ICP meeting.

PRIZE: There will be up to ten prizes for Competition Posters in four categories, each prize being $1,000. Due to the large number of possible posters submitted, digital posters are required and will be reviewed upon submission. Nominations for awards will be selected based on the quality of the submitted digital poster. Please prepare your digital poster accordingly.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  1. The best case presentation poster
  2. The best three posters depicting clinical research
  3. The best four posters for all other research
  4. The best two posters in any category from local participants
  5. PUBLICATION: Abstracts with definitive scientific data may be considered for publication in the IJP.

ATTENDANCE: Poster first (presenting) authors must be the presenter and are required to be present during Poster Session. Presenters who fail to attend the meeting will have their abstract removed from publication and consideration for awards.

The contents of this page are subject to change, please return for updates

Views expressed by the presenters at the ICP Meeting are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the ICP/EPA. The ICP/EPA reserves the right to cancel or modify its program as circumstances might dictate.