Friday, September 6th

Presidential Reception & Banquet (19:30 – 22:30)
Delegates and guests are invited to attend this gala event for the recognition of participating countries and their representatives, presentation of awards and installation of new officers. Entertainment, light appetizers, dinner, and wine are included in this banquet event.

Reservations Required
Banquet Fee: $150.00 USD per person (prior to Aug. 31, 2019)
Late Fee: $175.00 USD (after Aug. 31, 2019)
Accompanying Guest/s requires “Guest Fee”

Saturday, September 7th

Networking Social Outing (13:00 – 19:30)
Join your colleagues for an outing to Volendamas Village, an old picturesque village on the shore of the former “Zuidersea”. Step back in time and enjoy the folklore of this remarkable town. Experience the process of eel smoking and let the craftsman unveil the secret smoking process that has been in fashion for generations.┬áDinner will be served in Volendamas well.

Reservations Required
Social Outing Fee: $115.00 USD per person
Accompanying Guest/s requires “Guest Fee”